Conversations with Will

May 14

Me: What’s with all these extra whiskers? That’s not lady like… Should we get you a wax?

Will: *Coddling the dog* You’re just jealous! You wish you had eyelashes like that!

Will to the Dog: You just flutter those cheek lashes and you can get anything you want Sweetheart.[xt_divider]

With Oakley in his lap, Will decides to roll down his window. Oakley gives him a concerned look.

Will: What? Who let the outside in!? Who did that? Ok. I’ll put it back outside  *Rolls window up*[xt_divider]

While trying to cool the car, the a/c has been turned to max.

Will: Who turned the inside on?! What just happened?! 

Oakley: Chomp. Chomp. Chomp Chomp. (Biting at the breeze)


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Hello. I'm Erin. You may know me as the not so ordinary housewife but now that both kids are in school, I've made my return to the workforce. I work long hours and despite traffic, I'm still cooking, crafting and day tripping. Thanks be to Pintrest! Enjoy the read.

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