Conversations with Will

Mar 12

Me: Ooh! If we do get the bunk beds, we should do a camping theme. Like plaid bedding, a play tent and we can even do a mural of the woods.
Will: Yeah, with a big ass creepy owl because there’s always a big ass creepy owl in the woods.
Me: No no, wild turkeys are super creepy. What kind of bird flies up to the top of the tree and breaks every branch on the way down?
Will: Oh my God. One time, I was in the woods and totally thought I was being charged by a wild boar. Turned out to be a fucking turkey. They are creepy as shit!

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Hello. I'm Erin. You may know me as the not so ordinary housewife but now that both kids are in school, I've made my return to the workforce. I work long hours and despite traffic, I'm still cooking, crafting and day tripping. Thanks be to Pintrest! Enjoy the read.

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