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Mar 18
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I’m a big fan of tradition. On St. Patrick’s day, we eat corned beef and cabbage because it’s tradition. This is the one time of year our corned beef does not come out of a can in the form of hash. It is the only time of year we willingly eat cooked cabbage.  We do […]

Feb 05
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I was in a health food store looking to cure my daughter’s eczema when the clerk began to ask about Ky’s gluten in-take. After clarifying herself a few times, I realized that both of my kids’ diets were predominately gluten based. She went on to say that often times eczema is triggered by a food […]

Jul 09
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A Church’s Chicken commercial comes on and Tunk asks “What’s that?” Me: “Chicken…Church’s Chicken.” Tunk: “No, that’s dinner.” Me: “You want chicken for dinner?” Tunk:”Yeah! Church’s Chicken.”

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