Oct 27
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Half listening to the CBS Weather Report Friday, October 26th: Before making landfall in the tri-state area…


Me: The tri-state area…  I call it my Frankenstorminator!!!


On a serious note, at least in Maryland, every storm threat came with a mad dash for the basics- bread, milk and toilet paper. My parents would actually one up the list and buy batteries. I promise you, these things in an actual emergency won’t be the only things you wished you had. This link has a much better list for your survival.

With that said, there are some common sense things we should go over:

1) Do not go out in the storm. No swimming, no surfing, and no driving. Hurricanes are not a throw down challenge issued by God.

2) Bring your animals inside. Remember: The Dogloo was not designed to survive 80 mph winds or the torrential down pour.

3) Tie down your outdoor furniture and store potted plants and decor inside until the storm passes.

4) If you can, park your car in the garage or carport. Boats should be brought out of the water.

5) For windows: plywood>duct tape but if you get hit every other year with major storms, you may want to invest in hurricane shutters.

6) If you have dead trees, dispose of them before the storm.

7) Hurricane Parties are fairly common place. While there is safety in numbers, realize if you go overboard, you won’t get to the hospital in time. Drink responsibly.

8) Hurricanes will often spur tornadoes. Everyone should know which room in your house to report to. You are looking for a centrally located room without windows.

9) Gather your important documents (birth certificates, SSN cards, insurance policies, deeds/lease agreements) as well as beloved photos which cannot be replaced.

10) If you choose to evacuate, take photos of every room as well as the exterior of your home and yard. You may need this documentation for insurance purposes afterwards.

Good luck and God Speed East Coast. We’re rooting for you!

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