Mrs. F's Card
Dec 03
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Back in August, I was very nervous about the kind of teacher my daughter would end up with. This was Kindergarten after all. We had been homeschooling the last few years so I really didn’t know what to expect. The school surprised me in that we had Kindergarten Round Up, Meet the Teacher as well […]

Dec 03
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Yes, yes…I’m 3 days late but truthfully, I had no idea we would blow past our closing date and spend the next 3 weeks camping at the old place. To say November was stressful would be an understatement. We had boxed up nearly everything we owned, sold our sofa and gave notice only to have […]

Nov 19
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Our papers read “Closing on or before November 15th” however, on the 13th, we received news that while all signs were pointing to yes, the house was ours; the bank needed a few more things to make that happen. Additionally, we would have to wait one week after receiving the official “go ahead”, to close […]

Nov 07
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Kylie: Hi Mom. We went to the barber shop and got haircuts. Logan: I’m a sad face.

Nov 05
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As many of you know, I live in Texas, so I am constantly in the presence of Republican ideals. While I am not entirely against their principles, I really take issue with this sentiment: “Why should I hand over my hard earned money to those who are too lazy to work?” Unfortunately, there is a […]

Nov 03
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Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks a way. Usually the 3rd Thursday in November reads a lot more like televised parades and enough food to feed an army. Ironically, for a day called Thanksgiving, we seem to give very little thanks. Shortly after Halloween, a trend arose. For each day in November, posts containing one […]

Nov 02
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Loving: Lowe’s. I have been to Lowe’s more times in the last 2 weeks than I have in my entire life. They have everything we need. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly and I don’t have to walk around the store 3 times to find whatever it I’m looking for. Sadly, I was not paid to […]

DIY Lanterns
Nov 02
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Last Halloween, we had a neighbor who had placed jarred candles up the sides of her stairs to light the way for trick-or-treaters. She lived on a fairly steep hill and her yard was fairly dark. I thought it was a wonderful idea. Then Will pointed out it was a fire hazard. Not to be […]

Nov 02
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Oct 31

Me: I hope you can feel my eyes rolling at you. Will: I hope your eyes roll out of your head. Me: They won’t grant divorces based on eyes rolling out of heads. Will: Sure they do. I’ll say to them “Do you see how sassy she is?! Her eyes just rolled out of her […]

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