May 21

While walking the dog this morning, Logan and I crossed paths with this snake. Logan screamed and instinctively grabbed Oakley; pulling her way from danger. When I could move again, I snapped this picture for identification. Will: That is a Texas Garter Snake…actually quite rare to see. Me: Is it poisonous? Will: Not at all […]

May 21
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May 16
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Thanks in part to my redesign, I ended up with a back log of blog posts. Throwback Thursday will be my day to share old non-published works, as well as old photos with the stories behind them. I hope you enjoy! ~ Erin[xt_divider] It didn’t take long for Widget to develop a healthy obsession with […]

Whisker Face
May 14

Me: What’s with all these extra whiskers? That’s not lady like… Should we get you a wax? Will: *Coddling the dog* You’re just jealous! You wish you had eyelashes like that! Will to the Dog: You just flutter those cheek lashes and you can get anything you want Sweetheart.[xt_divider] With Oakley in his lap, Will […]

Robbers Cave Day 2
May 13
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On Sunday morning, Will woke up, put the coffee on and began cleaning the kitchen. Apparently, he had read my post about 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Mother’s Day and was taking it to heart. I let the dog out of her crate and upon my exit, discovered a very pretty luna moth perched […]

The Lake
May 13
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This weekend, I turned 29. We also went on our very first family camping trip and of course, it was Mother’s Day. That’s a lot. I had no idea what to expect with the exception that there would be 20 kids there for Ky’s impromptu birthday party. She turns 6 this week.  We left on […]

May 08
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I have no clue what your mother wants this Sunday. Heck, I hardly know what I want this Sunday but here are 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Mother’s Day. You’ll thank me later.   1. Every mother wants to wake up on her own accord. If you must wake her up, do so […]

Teacher Appreciation
May 05
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This morning I received an email from the PTA that read: Teacher Appreciation Week is Monday, May 6th – Friday, May 10th.   Here are the daily themes for this year’s event:   Monday: Bring something PURPLE for your teacher. Tuesday: Bring something to help your teacher de-stress and relax. Wednesday: Bring a personal note of […]

May 04
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The clean eating movement used to really bum me out. I was so close to proclaiming that health triumph but sugar always did me in. When you’re calorie counting or low carbing it, Log Cabin’s Sugar Free Maple Syrup is a God Send. I can’t fathom getting as far as I did without Coke Zero […]

Iced Oatmeal Cpokies
May 03
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My husband has the strangest cravings. Every so often I am sent to the store for milk and cookies. That’s not entirely unheard of but instead of Oreos or Chocolate Chip, he’s after Iced Oatmeal Cookies. The stale things you get in a box for under $2 at Walmart. I didn’t get it. Unless the cookie contains […]

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