Apr 17
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Over the last 3 weeks, there have been some additions to our family. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know what I’m referring to here. Our home had gone nearly 2 years without furry bearing creatures.

I had thought this would give Kylie some relief from her allergies. For a while, it did. Then the seasons changed. It didn’t seem to matter what we did, Kylie could not get off of the allergy medicines for her testing. Finally, before all was said and done, we added a nebulizer to the mix. The seasons changed again and that nebulizer sits in the back of the cabinet untouched.

I was beginning to have my doubts about cats being the trigger. Ky’s allergies have never been constant and for 4 years of her life, cats were. With this in mind, I can honestly tell you I wasn’t planning to get another cat.

In fact, Will had told the kids we when we owned our own home, we would get a dog. That got nixed when a playdate with a very sweet golden retriever resulted in Kylie’s pleading through watery eyes and uncontrollable scratching that she was not, in fact allergic to doggies.

Instead, we ended up getting the Glowfish last September. For a while, all was well and good. Then a friend of ours shared a link on facebook to the local animal shelter. $10 for adult cats which included spay/neuter services and microchipping. It was a offer I couldn’t refuse. I shot my request to Will who to my surprise, agreed we would go as a family after work to take a look. We got there 30 minutes before closing.

Immediately, I was drawn to an elderly long haired tabby. She was gorgeous but seemed over whelmed by our two kids. Next, came the Russian Blue. He was very shy. We agreed to see one last cat. The volunteer told us she had been there for some time. I was a little thrown off by how non pedigree she was. I don’t know what I was expecting. This was just an ordinary run of the mill tabby cat but she took to Will and the kids immediately. Smart. I was having a tough time rectifying my desire to see something else. Clearly, this was the cat for us.

I signed the paperwork, handed over the $10 and we nestled the cardboard carrier between the two car seats. The kids were completely thrilled. Kylie had several friends she wanted to name the cat after but in the end, it was Will who would name her “Widget”. It was perfect.

Back at the house, we finally let Widget out of her carrier. I can imagine this was a cats paradise. Her new home has countless windows each with their own perch. There was upstairs, downstairs and closets with empty shelves. Most importantly, we didn’t have any other cats or dogs. She had full run of the house. It was a lot for the little cat to take in.

I wasn’t able to give it much thought. I was too busy discerning Ky’s allergies? Was her skin getting red or was it bad lighting? I wasn’t looking forward to rehoming a cat this early in the game but I’d do it if it came down to it. I resolved to bathe the cat weekly just in case. Thankfully, Ky was fine.

Widge, as I call her, turned out to be one of the best cats I’ve ever had. She greets me every morning, shadowing my every move. She plays with Logan all afternoon and is just as excited as any dog when Daddy comes home. At night, she’s there to tuck the kids in to bed and when I finally lay down at night, she’s there purring beside me. I love this cat and I’m so thankful it worked out. I can’t imagine our home without her.

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