May 16
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Cat Found

Thanks in part to my redesign, I ended up with a back log of blog posts. Throwback Thursday will be my day to share old non-published works, as well as old photos with the stories behind them. I hope you enjoy! ~ Erin[xt_divider]

It didn’t take long for Widget to develop a healthy obsession with the outside. We were constantly on our guard for those mad dashes to the doors.  One stormy night however, we went to bed without locking up and the next morning, we had ourselves a very quiet house. 

Typically, from the moment Widget sees me flick on my phone, there is a steady stream of meow… meow… meow. This morning, there was nothing. I turned on the lights to see the front door wide open. Beyond the door, rain was coming down in sheets. A text from our alarm company reported, the door had been open like that for 2 hours. I wasn’t sure if she’d leave in this weather but by now, who knows how far she could have gotten? 

We ate breakfast, dressed quickly and began the search. When searching on foot proved unsuccessful, we got in the car and began calling for her. We searched every street in the neighborhood and still there was nothing.

The next morning, I shook her food bag outside calling to her. Nothing. And while dinner cooked that evening, Will went out on walked the streets again, There was no sign of her. My heart sank. I kept reminding myself of several cats we’d owned growing up, disappearing for weeks if not months and returning unscathed. I couldn’t imagine her being gone for that long. It had only been 2 days. Where was she?!

On Day 3, I resigned myself to the fact that Widget was too good of a cat not to have been taken in by a nice family somewhere.Thankfully, she had been tagged and microchipped. If she had been found, hopefully they would call.

As it just so happens, the phone rang later that afternoon. “Are you Widget’s Mommy?” a voice inquired. “Yes!” I squealed. Widget had been found in a neighbor’s attic. She was doing just fine. They had posted on a picture on facebook of her little face peering out of the attic window but nobody had claimed her. It was their son who had gone into the attic that afternoon to rescue Widget and thankfully, her collar was still intact. As it turns out, Widget hadn’t gone too far. The voice on the end of the phone lived at the end of our street.

I raced home, pulled up to their house and knocked on the door. Behind it was  lovely family. Like us, they too had children, loved animals and had friends on the East Coast. If it hadn’t been for Widget, we might never have met them. Later that evening, I received a friend request from the neighbor who first saw the cat in her attic. She was happy to hear Widget had made it back home.

Today, I remain stunned by how much these 2 families could care about a little cat belonging to a neighbor they had never met. If you’re reading this, thank you again.




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