Jan 27
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I am almost certain I have spent at least 3 weeks out of the last 4 sick and by Wednesday, I decided enough was enough. I pulled out the 2nd disc out of the P90x set and began taking the fitness test. You are intended to pass this test before going on in the program. This is considerably out of character for me because I rarely follow directions if given the option. I fastened my heart rate monitor and took my resting heart rate. 67 beats/minute. I’m not that out of shape I thought to myself. Then I began warming up.

Honestly, I had no idea a proper warm up took 10 minutes. Historically, it was a few quick stretches and off I went. Kylie asked me 3 minutes into it if we could do something else. Admittedly, I considered it. Instead, I went by the book and finished nearly all of the exercises. I was done in by 15 in and outs. I’m not sure if I’ve even used my lower abdominals since giving birth to my son. 1 minute and 15 seconds of jumping jacks later, I resigned myself to taking the test again later. Yes, I failed the preliminary fitness test. Clearly I was out of shape.

With that said, I went on to have the most productive day out of the last 30. My shoulders, calves and arms screamed out in protest but I felt great. 2 days later the soreness has finally subsided as has my energy. I can see how some people become addicted to these things. There it is, in the back of my mind that I Erin Hall am not to be done in by some silly backwards crunches and jumping jacks.

Will and I were supposed to be going toe to toe with P90x and this morning I was informed he would be taking the test himself this weekend. That is our progress. Oh and a suggestion that we should adopt an all Asian diet in lieu of the recommended p90x nutrition guide. No, I do not mean Pocky or instant ramen. I was blessed with health nazi parents so my habits are already fairly in line with the guide. Will is the guilty party who skips breakfast, has late night binge sessions and makes questionable choices when dining at restaurants. I know, I know, throw him under the bus but it’s true and I still love him.

How far have you gotten with your New Year’s Resolutions?




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