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Back in August, I was very nervous about the kind of teacher my daughter would end up with. This was Kindergarten after all. We had been homeschooling the last few years so I really didn’t know what to expect.

The school surprised me in that we had Kindergarten Round Up, Meet the Teacher as well as a Placement Test before school officially started. In a room full of strangers, Mrs. F was a happy familiar face that first day.

2 months later, I found out we would be moving. My one regret was that Kylie would have to change schools. Mrs. F was everything I could hope for in a teacher. She had saved my daughter from a bully. She did not let Kylie’s strengths excuse her weaknesses. Mrs. F brought the best out of my daughter and gave her a strong foothold for rest of her years in grade school.

In early November, I received an email letting me know, Mrs. F would be out for 2 weeks and would return after Thanksgiving Break. While she did her best to assure us her substitute would be a decent person, I was still completely bummed about the situation. 3 months into her first school year was not a lot of time to make a lasting memory.

On the day before her surgery, my son and I picked up flowers and made Mrs. F a card. Just prior to dismissal, Kylie was called to the office and the 3 of us made our way back to the classroom to surprise her teacher. We took this picture.

Kylie's last day (or so we thought)



Then, I asked Mrs. F to write Kylie a letter for Ky’s scrapbook. This is what she wrote:




Isn’t that the sweetest? As it turns out, Mrs. F came through surgery just fine and as you know, Kylie’s last day wasn’t a last day after all. Soon, Kylie will have leave this school but I’m so glad we took the time to make the memory. We were very lucky to have Mrs. F as our first teacher and I am certain, she will not be forgotten.

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