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3 summers ago, Kylie met her very first best friend. She had had lots of friends in lots of other places but Annabelle was special. The girls had met each other one morning after story time and have been inseparable ever since. 

Our two families have spent countless hours at the park,  the pool, the library and the zoo. So while I was very happy to be moving to Anna,  it saddened me we might lose touch. Anabelle’s family was moving too but with their move and our move combined, we were now 1 hour apart.

It had been weeks, if not months since we had last spoken. Kylie’s graduation was coming up and Logan kept asking when we were going to see Annabelle again. He had suggested at least 20 different ways for us to get together before I broke down and called her mom.

As it turned out, she had been meaning to call too but they, like us had been wildly busy. Thankfully, most of the craziness in both our houses had subsided and now was just as good of a time as any to make it work. I reminded her Kylie would be graduating soon and invited her up for the afternoon.

2 days later, I let it slip to Ky that a surprise guest would be joining us after graduation. “Who? Who?!” she asked. “Is it Nana? Is it Mimi? Is a toilet coming?” “No. It’s not a toilet.” I responded. When she asked her daddy, he simply told her Bert and Ernie were stopping by. She asked me to verify it so I simply said, “It’s better than Bert and Ernie, I promise.”

After graduation, we packed up our things and headed down to the pool. We let Kylie do the honors and swipe our badge. The door swung open and it was Annabelle. There she stood with a new friendship bracelet and a homemade card. Kylie was shocked.

When she had regained herself, the kids happily made their way into the water. The afternoon was spent poolside catching up over watermelon and cupcakes. It was an awesome surprise for our kids and I’m so glad they could make it.




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