May 13
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On Sunday morning, Will woke up, put the coffee on and began cleaning the kitchen. Apparently, he had read my post about 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Mother’s Day and was taking it to heart.

I let the dog out of her crate and upon my exit, discovered a very pretty luna moth perched near the door. I finally found a spot in the cabin where I had just enough signal to send off my Mother’s Day greetings.

It wasn’t long after that we sat down to freshly made cinnamon rolls. Will had baked for us! I was feeling very loved.  I was then asked what I had wanted to do. It was Mother’s Day after all and I was grateful that for once, my mind was made up. I wanted to hike up to Robber’s Cave and revisit  the lake if we had time. Ideally, we’d hit the road around noon. 

We packed up quickly, checked out and got a map detailing our way. There were 3 trails but getting to the very top of the mountain,  meant an intermediate level hike for 3 novice hikers. This was Kylie’s, Logan’s and Oak’s first time but they took to it with enthusiasm.

The rock formations were breath taking. They towered over us with 100 year old graffiti carved into some of the faces. We followed the orange markings around until finally coming upon the famous hideout of Belle Starr and Jesse James. We paused.

Some of the older children had told our kids the place was haunted. Kylie was hyper aware of the situation. Scarier than the place’s history, was the fact that no railings had been installed at the site and our son was just as fearless as I was when it came to skirting the edges. Adding to the suspense, were the deep fissures and loose gravel we crossed to get to the top bluff. 

In the end, it was worth it. We had actually made it. It had been an adventure to say the least. Incredibly, the trail that was supposed to take 2 1/2 hours only took 45 minutes giving us plenty of time to check out the lake.

We loaded back into the car and navigated the narrow roads back to the water. The kids  immediately remembered the dock and were given a dollar’s worth of fish food to show Daddy what the fish had done yesterday. Sadly, the fish were feeling very lazy that morning and most of the food went untouched. We decided to rent a paddle boat instead. Neither Will, nor the kids, nor the dog had ever been on a paddle boat before.

It was a gorgeous day for it too. It couldn’t have been more than 70 degrees out. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze.

Will and I paddled around while the kids and their dog watched the boat house disappear. Initially, we paddled together but after the hike, we were pretty worn out. Will then suggested we take turns paddling. I knew then that every bad thing I had eaten on this trip had just been accounted for. What a work out! Finally, we settled back on peddling together to drive the boat back into shore. It was fun but next year, we are definitely getting a canoe.

As we pulled in, the boys from the boat house came out and gave us a hand tying off the ropes. Ky and Lo were happy to see the playground again but the puppy didn’t want to leave. After a failed bit of coaxing, Will grabbed the dog and sat down at a picnic table. While the kids played, I made sandwiches. We ate our lunches together there under a giant oak tree. I couldn’t help thinking how perfect the day had been.

As if on cue, Will got up and bought us our first snow cones of the season. At 12:01, we were on our way home.


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