May 13
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This weekend, I turned 29. We also went on our very first family camping trip and of course, it was Mother’s Day. That’s a lot. I had no idea what to expect with the exception that there would be 20 kids there for Ky’s impromptu birthday party. She turns 6 this week. 

We left on Saturday at 4:30 in the morning with both kids and Oakley in tow. Robber’s Cave is 3 hours due north and we had already missed Friday night of our trip. Truthfully, I needed that extra day for so many reasons. I have no regrets.

The kids did surprisingly well. They slept through nearly half the ride waking up just in time for breakfast and to witness their very first sunrise. Dutifully, my husband hung himself out the window to record the occasion.

Finally, after a 2 hour excursion at Walmart, we had arrived. We unpacked, had “lunch”- it was 9:30,  and cracked open a couple of beers. The kids had gone across the street to check out the playground. I was absolutely stunned by how gorgeous the place was and instantly committed myself to next year.

The other kids met up with Kylie and Lo at the park but it didn’t take long for them to notice we had brought a puppy. Soon our cabin was host to a constant flow of extra children. Oakley was having the time of her life! There was always somebody to play with and she could chew up all the pinecones she wanted without getting yelled at.

The kids and their friends soon opted to go cabin to cabin; checking in periodically to ask “Can we have __________ at so and so’s house?” I’m pretty sure we said yes to all kinds of things we probably shouldn’t have but we were just grateful for a break and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After I had made myself and our cabin presentable, we headed down to the lake. The kids were delighted to see yet another playground. There was also a small dock wear a group of kids was feeding a school of catfish. Kylie and Logan were thrilled that I just happened to have enough quarters on me to let them join in. When the food ran out, we headed to the sand box before discovering the nature center. 

I didn’t want to do too much without Will. He had been up all night and was taking a nap back at the cabin.  I had to make dinner anyway. The kids were getting restless so I decided we should turn in. They were pretty bummed to leave their friends behind but my promise of red velvet cupcakes smoothed things over.

Kylie had picked these out for my birthday. I never really understood the craze behind red velvet but these cupcakes made me a believer.  As far as birthdays go, this was absolute perfection.

Dinner that night was a pot luck meal.  Everyone was to gather at 5 p.m. and at 5:05 it began to rain. There was some confusion as to what to do next but thankfully, the rain let up and a fire was lit. 

The food was amazing and one by one people were stopping by to get to know Will. He seemed to be handling himself rather well without me so I ran off to get some help with Ky’s cookie cake.  

As dinner was winding down, the children (all 20 of them) were gathered to sing Kylie happy birthday. But just before doing so, Kylie made it known it was my birthday too.Thankfully, we also had 2 other birthdays in the group. So it was a very happy birthday for everyone. What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie cake followed by fire roasted s’mores?

It was a wonderful evening catching up with our friends but by 8 p.m., we gave in. We loaded up and headed back to the cabin and 1 hour later, everyone was asleep.

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