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In the previous post, we learned I like to hang on to things. What I failed to mention is I actually drove my first car until it broke apart in the middle of the road. I knew the Geo was a little rough but was very surprised at the strong reactions my children had when we left it behind. “I hated the old car. It smelled like fire!” Kylie told us. Will paused and looked at her, then replied “That car has gotten us through some very tough times. It’s done it’s job and I have nothing but love for it.” I was shocked.

Will has spent the last year telling me why the Geo was no longer a viable car. When family members came to visit, I imagined him excusing himself for a cigarette. Then one of my relations follows behind and he goes on to explain how I was clearly out of my mind driving around in that death trap. After which they take me aside to offer their money and support for his cause. I could only think of two things: It still runs and we didn’t really have the money right now.

Then after a brief chat with our financial adviser, there was hope. I hate debt but in an odd twist, having it makes us more credit worthy than not having it.Taking on a car loan, provided we can pay the bills on time, will somehow allow us to take on an even greater debt- buying a house. In the banking world, you cannot simply buy things, then quickly pay them off in one lump sum. Effectively getting a new car was the responsible thing to do.

So last night, we test drove a Ford Escape. This was a universally accepted good car. To me it was more like ehh. It’s like going out to an Italian restaurant, ordering the signature lasagna and knowing you’ve had better. I should like this lasagna but I just don’t. The sales rep then tells me he’d like to switch vehicles for me. It was a Kia (cringe) 2007 (ok)..Rondo. In unison, my husband and I shot the guy a what the hell is a Rondo look. He went on to say, it was actually nicer than the 2008 Escape. I quickly reminded myself Kias were not the same piece of shit cars they were 10 years ago.

I circled the vehicle. Ample trunk space, leather interior, sun roof, heated seats…I sit down and turn the key. I could hardly hear the car at all. It was really a smooth ride. I felt myself getting cautiously excited. We circled the block and then I sent Will out too look the car over. I was having a tough time erasing the “Yeah, yeah, this is the one” look off my face. It totally was. I love the Kia Rondo. Thankfully, car deals take bloody forever to push through. I was really surprised by how highly rated and well liked the car is. As far as safety, Edmonds gave this thing 4’s and 5’s across the board. Most of reviews from Rondo owners were 4 stars or above. Everyone likes this vehicle. Is it possible this car is that good that they didn’t even bother to advertise it?

I don’t know. We sat in the cube alternating between phone calls, signatures and waiting. We were told that sometimes it takes 2 hours to hear whether or not we had approval. I was fully prepared to herd the everyone back in the Geo and go home. I knew we had the money to make the repairs and register the vehicle in Texas if need be. Incredibly, this was not the case. We were approved. I began packing down the old Geo. When you took away all of the toys, receipts and knick knacks, it was still a good car. Maybe Kia would fix it up to be one of those rare under $5k vehicles. Maybe it would just go to scrap. At any rate, we are now the proud owners of a Kia Rondo. Her name is Rhonda. Rhonda the Rondo. May the Geo rest in peace.


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