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The Eliptical

I know last year,  I had written 2 resolution posts: Resolution 1- Exercise and Resolution 2- Painting. I had all of the intentions of getting ripped on P90x and filling my home with homemade art. I’d like to address those first.

Will and I lasted 2 weeks on P90x. Did we see results? Yes. He dropped 15 lbs. I dropped 5 and I could definitely see the muscle definition taking shape. The problem was it was too much change too soon. I love how they always show some seriously over weight person committing to the program and  transforming into a barely recognizable version of themselves. Sure, this happens but only to the rare individuals willing to leave creature comforts in favor of hell. Pure hell. I’m not exaggerating.

Later that year, we tried going vegetarian. While we did find some great recipes, I didn’t know enough about the diet to counter act the convenience of meaty habits. We did discover Garden Burgers are really pretty good. Our kids loved the Chick’n Nuggets. I can also tell you vegetarian frozen breakfast sandwiches are almost as good their Jimmy Dean counterparts. It was doable but again, we didn’t commit.

We had also resolved to stop eating out so much. Hah. This was a complete fail with the 30 day housing limbo we endured before finally settling up in the new place.

Around that time, Will was nearly escorted out of Minute Clinic via ambulance because his blood pressure had skyrocketed out of control. It was clear- things had to change. He had just turned 30 and was taking blood pressure medicine. We agreed to start working out after the move.


January 8th we began working out. In that first week, I burned over 2000 calories in cardio alone.That’s an average of over 330 calories burned per work out. Not bad for a recovering gymaphobe.  Will’s burning about twice that and he promises that’s only because he is twice as big as I am. I’m trying not to think about it.

My actual resolution for 2013 was to drink more water. I have a 24 oz sippy cup I’m attached to and pledged to drink 2 of those bad boys a day. Will wasn’t sure that was good enough but prior to 2013,  I only drank water in the dead heat of summer and to take pills. The other fluids I needed could be made up in coffee. So how’s that going? Well, I drink 2 of those when I work out and am so aware of my dehydration now I’m drinking 3 of them throughout the day. I promise I’m not drowning.

Back to 2012, I told you I had planned to fill my walls with homemade works of art thanks in part to my new paint set. The result was about six 8″x 12″ canvases that periodically grace our mantle. That includes my Foot Print Cardinals. I plan to do bigger pieces this year but am more realistic about the scope of my projects. I plan to do 4 pieces, one per season this year for our home. I’ve also learned that when my paints are out, the kids will insist on painting too so I’ve decided to let them paint the art that will adorn their bedroom walls.

I believe I had also mentioned getting a sewing machine last year. It came out of the box for the very first time yesterday. Will had been very concerned the kids would fiddle with the machine and hurt themselves on the needle. Thankfully, I was right and the thing comes with a hood. In the new house, we each have our own offices so I have the room I need to sew. We’ll see what happens. With any luck, I’ll make the quilts for the 3 bedrooms and cushions for the window seats.


I thought it was only appropriate to update because shortly after this post was written, my site went down for the better part of a month. In that time, my entire household contracted the flu. We have not been to the gym in 2 weeks and I am once again living off tea and coffee.

One of the great things about sharing your resolutions is that you become accountable for them. While the likelihood of you guys calling me out on a 2 week epic fail is slim to none, my daughter has asked every night if we are going to work out, Tonight, I plan to give in and go back at it. Naturally, the sippy cup will make a come back.

How are you doing on your resolutions?




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