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My husband is an exceptionally good looking man. He is an extraordinarily supportive person. In fact. When I gained 75 lbs over the span of both my pregnancies so did he.
When I woke up at 2 a.m. with cravings for cheese fries, my guy was in the kitchen making them. He supported my ingenious idea to pregame Thanksgiving dinner and together we put down 2 double cheeseburgers…each. We are awesome.

When I decided to lose the weight, he was busy supporting our family. Will is a web developer and outside of smoke and bathroom breaks sits at his desk all day long. I worked up to 2 hours/day 5 days a week and he managed to cut out the sodas.

3 years later, I had stopped exercising, plateaued and Will fell victim to sleep apnea. As many of you know. this is quite often a weight related illness. What I did not realize was that is was life threatening. He could simply stop breathing in his sleep.

When I approached him about it, I expected him to see a doctor and get the machine. Instead, he ordered P90x. I was stunned, absolutely stunned.The package arrived just before Christmas.The intent being to start the program after New Year’s.

So far, he has aired out the yoga mat. I have read half of the book and we both have watched the first dvd. Wish us luck!


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