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I began reading to my children as a way to connect. I knew my newborn needed to hear her mother’s voice but as a 23 year old, I had very little in common with the tiny child on the floor.

The only “books” I had at that time were the free parenting magazines that came in the mail. So I read that and thankfully, Ky didn’t seem to mind. We read long articles about obtaining the proper latch, starting solids and of course, potty training. To keep things lively, I showed her the pictures.

After months of awkward readings came an actual response. Kylie was learning how to speak. She was months ahead of when I had expected that milestone to occur and I was sure our nightly readings had something to do with it. We were having actual conversations about ducks and her “nuz” (nose) but more importantly, she had gone from the tiny child on the floor to my daughter (My Daughter).

By the time Logan arrived, I finally had some clue about books.

Our favorites from back then included:

1) I love you Stinky Face

2) Good Night Moon

3) Fiddle I Fee

4) Personal Penguin

5) Animal Kisses

6) Anything Lois Ehlert 

We read these books so much I could recite the first 4 on long car trips. These books could stop a fussy baby or entertain a child at the drop of a hat. Better yet, I didn’t have to leave the couch. I was chronically tired as I’m sure you were/are/will be too.

Logan was just under 18 months old when he saw his first story time at the local library. Sadly, we weren’t regulars until he turned 3. Instead, I usually went to the library and grabbed the first few books I could find with brightly colored pictures and 3 or less lines per page. The kids knew that after face washing and teeth brushing, they were getting a book. Usually, they went straight to sleep.

We began reading whole series of books because the kids loved knowing what their favorite characters were up to next. We loved:

1) Meeow

2) Curious George

3) Byron Barton and Dan Yaccarino Books

4) Toilet Tales

5) A Very Fairy Princess and anything along those lines.

Sometimes there were sick days and snow days and days where I flat out did not want to run out to the library. Thank God for online story times, right? Check out these sites:

1) Barnes and Nobel

2) Storyline Online

The question as of late however,  has been what are you listening to in the car? Audio books made their first appearance when I had to cart both kids 1 hour down the road to drive Will to and from work. Normally, we listen to music but it got a little weird. Admittedly, Kylie knew all the words to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” before we finally made the switch. 

With that said, audio books are fabulous. I hate flipping through station after station trying to find something decent on the radio and so long as the books are playing, my kids aren’t arguing over who’s breathing on one another. It’s a win win.

I didn’t have as much guidance with the audio books so it’s been a little hit or miss but the ones listed below are definite winners:

1) Mercy Watson: Adventures of a Porcine Wonder

2) Winnie the Pooh

3) Raggedy Andy Stories

4) Peter Pan

Reading has been so many things for our family. It’s a way to pass the time. It’s a way to build  confidence and literacy skills. It’s a way to let them know they’re loved. There are so many ways to get the job done, I urge you to take that 20 minutes and read to your kids. If you’re still in need of a good book, ask your local librarian. They know what they’re talking about!  




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  • Debby Wolf May 3, 2013 Reply

    I recognize allot of those titles and you gave me some some new ones to find. Its funny…My first (now 17) was an only child for 7 years. He was very quiet, introverted, and loved to read. We read all day long. My second child also loved to read. Then came child 3, Wilson the Verb, and he did not enjoy reading, or writing, or anything else that didnt require a haz mat crew to clean up. He was quickly followed by 2 sisters and reading all but virtually ceased. We have just started back. Most nights are a struggle and I miss those quiet times reading one on one to my eldest, but Im going to keep at it. And maybe one day…my preschool trifecta will love books.

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