Oct 19
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If you read my work regularly, you know it’s not like me to take 2 weeks  off without so much as a quip or a comment. So where the heck have I been?  Well initially, I was banned from sharing our good news. What if something fell through? What if nothing happened at all?

Several months ago,  our friends were house hunting and I had told them about an affordable but up and coming nearby town they should look into. To my surprise, our friends had taken my advice and would be breaking ground on their first home in November.

I’m usually good in the ideas department but follow through has never really been my thing. Then our friend tells my husband “This was Erin’s idea. I’m surprised you didn’t do the same thing.” Shortly there after, the home of our dreams was set for completion in March of 2013…that is, if we were approved. This house was at the top of our price range and any upgrades could easily put us over budget.  As it stood, we were building the base model of a luxury home and nothing more.

Over the next few days, our builder called to express how much he enjoyed meeting our family and that he truly looked forward to working with us. If there was anything we needed, he was our guy. We submitted our initial paperwork and were anxiously awaiting a sign. Anything. We could always rent but buying a home with interest rates as low as they are…it just seemed too good to be true. Incredibly, we were approved. We were approved for roughly 25% more than we had hoped. Thank God!

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the builder had called us to let us know he was selling that spec home we had fallen in love with. This home had all of the upgrades we were after but because it was a spec home, it was selling for the same price as the base model we would have settled for.

I can’t tell you how many phone calls we’ve made or pages we’ve faxed but we are beyond excited. The truly scary thing is we are set to close somewhere between November 1st and the 15th and our current lease expires in July 2013.  So with all that going on, we’ve been packing and tackling the repairs we as tenants would be responsible for.

I have read several articles about how rental availability is at an all time low here in Texas. With the economy the way it is, so many are renting as opposed to owning. I really hope and pray- great home, great location, and great price will reel somebody in before Christmas and let us off the hook.

That, boys and girls is our news.

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