Apr 22
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As I mentioned in my earlier posts, we’ve had some new additions to our family but I have not yet introduced Oakley. While Widget would fetch, cuddle and follow your every move, she simply wasn’t on the same schedule as Logan. He was very disappointed in her lazy ways and on several occasions, woke her up mid nap. Eventually, she swatted him and that was that. I felt sorry for the boy. 

Logan in particular,  really wanted to look at dogs that day at the shelter, but we ran out of time. Will told him we could come back some other time and I was sure to keep his promise. The boy and I visited 2 shelters before ultimately giving up. Maybe now just wasn’t the time.

That didn’t stop me from subscribing to every local pet adoption resource I could find. I began sending Will photos of dogs I thought would be perfect for our son. Logan needed a buddy. Kylie was at school all day and he hadn’t met many friends up here in Anna. It was really bumming me out.

After a few weeks, the boy and cat finally bonded and it had sunk in, we weren’t getting a dog.


It was Saturday and Will asked me what I had planned. I told him bluntly I wanted to get back to the Farmer’s Market in Dallas. He very bluntly replied no. We could go anywhere else. Unfortunately, the other local markets were closed for another 2 weeks. That is except Denton. Denton we weren’t sure about. At any rate, it was too gorgeous to be cooped up inside.

We hit the road and drove up to Denton to check things out. Sadly, the market was very clearly closed. I didn’t really see the point in driving back. “We’re not that far from Oklahoma. Let’s keep driving.” was the general consensus.

In Durant, Oklahoma, we stopped for lunch. Durant is a surprisingly quaint town considering there is a major casino it its midst  There were kitschy painted horses, small gift shops and a museum made out of an old gas station. 

We were just on our way back to the car, when my husband stopped in front of rusty dog crate full of flea bitten mongrels. The lady responsible for the pups asked if we’d like to see them. Will immediately picks up what I believed is a heavily sedated flea bitten mongrel and the kids are ecstatic. This was not the dog I had pictured and why were they touching it?! Suddenly I had 3 sets of eyes on me. “What do you think, Babe.” he asked. 

I asked what breed they were. “Great Pyrenees, Australian Shepherd and a little bit of hound.” She replied. If that was true, I’d have 3 of my favorite dogs in one dog. “Have they seen a vet?” I ask. “No,” she replied, “They were born under our house. We kept them as long as we could. They’re about 10 weeks old.”

Again with the eyes. Will was clearly smitten with this creature. “I guess.” was my final reply. Kylie didn’t seem to be having a reaction. Everyone was happy and I was sure I could find the thing a home if necessary.

Not 5 minutes into the drive, the dog whines to go to bathroom. She does her business on the side of the road and allows herself to be carried back into the vehicle. “That’s a good sign.” Will informs us. Shortly there after, we saw fleas…and then ticks. Ugh. I prayed this dog would be worth our efforts.

We stopped again to get her a bag of food, some dog bowls and a few toys- $80 and again for the flea shampoo $8 which I had forgotten. Ky wanted to name the dog Figaro. I wanted to name the dog after Oklahoma. Will compromised and went with Oakley Figaro.

I pulled into the driveway. Immediately, Will took the dog upstairs for a bath. According to him, the water turned black. I then removed 4 embedded ticks from her under arms before noticing Oakley was now 3 shades lighter. She sure was a cute little thing but in the back of my mind, I was still harboring a disease ridden animal. We needed to take her to the vet.

First thing, Monday morning, Oakley was seen. Yes, she had worms. Yes, there was a possible ear infection but over all, she had a clean bill of health. The vet told us we had gotten lucky. “Yay!” I thought. “Will’s not crazy! She really is a good dog! I have vet approval!”

In the days to come, we discovered Oakley is almost completely house broken and crate trained. She is learning to fetch and not to jump or bite. She enjoys barking at the cat. Widget loves having the extra toys around the house and is learning to live with the dog. So while I think we lucked out, I know Oakley is blessed. I never would have given this dog a second thought.

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