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Yes, yes…I’m 3 days late but truthfully, I had no idea we would blow past our closing date and spend the next 3 weeks camping at the old place. To say November was stressful would be an understatement. We had boxed up nearly everything we owned, sold our sofa and gave notice only to have absolutely nothing happen.

In a way, it was a blessing. The repairs we needed to make at the old place were not quick fixes. The touch up paint we were provided with was deteriorating and without a label we couldn’t get a good match. Instead, we chose to repaint the whole house and by that, I mean we hired someone. The cabinet doors in our bathroom were peeling. Apparently, that is what thermafoil does after 5-10 years but you cannot simply order replacement doors. You can, accept that takes 5 weeks and costs about the same as a new cabinet itself. On top of that, we had to replace the back door and install flower beds. As you can imagine, we were really hurting on time and money. Not to mention that during this time. the 4 of us had managed to catch upper respiratory infections.

On the bright side, our pictures from this month were amazing. As the last few days of November were upon us, I decided regardless of our circumstances, December had to be better. Advent actually started on November 27th this year. To celebrate, we would do one fun thing each day with Christmas Spirit in mind. The first few days were simple. We drove around looking at Christmas lights. We watched The Grinch and a Charlie Brown Christmas. We had cocoa with friends. It’s the little things right?

Then I was presented with the opportunity to ring the bells for the Salvation Army and…I brought my kids.  Logan and I rang the bells for 1 hour just before lunch. Then, Kylie and I rang them later that evening. The kids really enjoyed this one and I can easily see it becoming tradition.

I should also mention that somewhere in that mess, Kylie lost her first tooth. That ladies and gentlemen, was our November. Enjoy the pics!


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