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I used to believe that if you take care of them,  all things were built to last. My grandfather had kept his truck running for over 20 years. My mother still had T shirts she had owned as a teenager. I know people that still use their disco eye shadows; the ones that were original to the era. I had this crazy notion, I should only really have to buy certain things once maybe twice in my life. A new car would be one of them.

A few years back, I had gotten myself into a financial mess and had my car repossessed. I had dreamed of owning my Toyota Celica since I was 16. By 20, I owned it and by 24, it was gone. I had resigned myself to taking public transit for the rest of my life. Who needs a car payment or full coverage auto insurance when you’ve got Metro? My DC friends are probably no to so quietly cursing the system but my hours stuck in traffic were spent reading a book or catching up with an old friend. Then a crazy thing happened. My aunt gave me a car.

I almost didn’t take it and even turned her down several times before finally accepting her gift. I never in a million years would have thought a 13 year old Geo Prism would take me to so far. In fact, my father had told me I would be lucky to get 2 years out of it. I drove that Geo from Maryland to Texas, from Texas to Florida and back again. That car had gone from Dallas to Houston 3 times. It’s never been a particularly pretty car but I was about to change that.

Last year, I got the car detailed. This was 3 hours of extremely deep cleaning. The guys that did the work asked me where the car had been. When I told them, they revealed there was 2 inches of salt build up underneath the vehicle and they had taken care of it. I thought nothing of it and drove my sparkly white Geo home again. 2 weeks later, I hit a speed bump too fast and something very large and metallic began to drag. My exhaust pipe was nearly detached.

Thankfully a friend of ours welded it back into place but warned us the car would not pass Texas Emissions without a properly sealed exhaust system. This should have set us back about $1k. He went on to say, with a car this old fixing it could be a lot like opening pandora’s box. Disheartened and banned from driving outside of the Metroplex, I knew we would be looking for a new car. Months went by. If we traveled, we rented a car. We had been in Texas for 3 years and I still had out of state tags which I had been given 2 warnings about.

I’m not sure how much longer we could really drag out this process but this morning, I got the exciting news that our tax return had been deposited into the account. I am pleased to say that tonight Will and I will be looking for a new car. It is theoretically possible, I could be driving said new car home tonight. I am so excited I could just about throw up. Cars do not last forever. It isn’t economically sound to fix what we’ve got and do as we always have.  There is no way around it. We will be getting a new car. Wish us luck.

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