Aug 31
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When Dad and Joanne told me we would be seeing Cirque du Soleil’s Totem, I was completely shocked.  Who takes their grandkids to Cirque du Soleil? Clearly, my parents, that’s who.

The evening began at Grace Mandarin, a top notch Asian Fusion restaurant overlooking the Potomac River. I very rarely drink but it’s very hard to refuse half price drinks and cold plates. I ordered the orchid. Amazingly well balanced though I don’t recall exactly what was in it. Let’s just say, one drink did its job. The kids loved their food. Sushi, short ribs, gyozas…everything was amazing. It was to die for. Then we told the staff it was my dad’s birthday. Dessert was served with a lit candle. They graciously gave my dad a boxed almond cookie and a signature pair of chopsticks.

After a slew of photos, we left. Dad wanted to take the kids to see The Awakening. The sculpture is of an enormous giant rising from the earth. The kids were delighted although Ky was a little unsure when Uncle Ec placed her into the giant’s mouth for a quick photo op. If we had had more time, we would have spent a good deal longer there. He was fascinating.

Sadly, we had a shuttle to catch. Cirque du Soleil was waiting. I began to wonder how the kids would do with so many other onlookers. A clown was making his way through the audience. Are my kids afraid of clowns? I did not know. Thankfully not, they giggled as he watered them. The lights finally lowered and the music began. At first, the kids were completely enthralled. They were mesmerized. To my surprise, kids laughed at the jokes. They clapped after the stunts and I did not have to remind them to stay put or be quiet.

Around intermission, that changed. The music had gotten too loud for Kylie. She buried her head into my chest and I did my best to shield her ears from the sound. Logan had to go potty and the lines were impossible. Both children were forced to relieve themselves behind a jersey barrier at the edge of the parking lot. The cost of refreshments was bordering insane. 7 water bottles cost Joanne over $50 but I will give them credit for this- they came in reusable bottles with unlimited refills. Yay for souvenirs!

The vendors had nearly everything imaginable for sale. Everything that is, except for ear plugs. The noise was completely overwhelming for both kids.. We tried filling their ears with clean toilet paper but being 4 and 5, they would only tolerate that for so long. The kids began to fight over who sat in my lap. Then it was who sat in Dad’s lap. In the end, we left 5 minutes early. Cirque du Soleil was certainly fun for all ages but I think we were all thrilled to be back on the shuttle and on our way home.

If you are visiting the National Harbor, check out their website. There were a few things we simply did not have time for. As it stood, it was a wonderful night.

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