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Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodIt’s time for a change in outward appearance, be it a character, yourself, or someone in your life. In 500 words or less, write about a makeover of your choice (hair, clothes, makeup, facial hair for the menfolk), fictional or memoir/creative non-fiction. Let’s think about how physical appearance changes can affect the inner landscape

One morning, Kylie found me having coffee on the back porch. She looked up to me and said “Mommy. I wish my hair was pretty like yours.” I was stunned. My hair had long been the victim of too many boxed hair colorings. The tips were now black, frayed, and crunched slightly as I swept them into a messy up do. Kylie’s hair by contrast was radiant. Her hair was golden with happy yellow highlights. I could not imagine why on earth my child didn’t feel pretty. Then it dawned on me, why didn’t I feel pretty?

Why wasn’t my natural color good enough? For that matter, why wasn’t my mother’s good enough for her? What kind of example was I setting; staring completely exasperated into the mirror every morning wondering why in the hell couldn’t my hair just cooperate? For that, I did not have an answer.

I calmly looked my daughter in the eye and told her that underneath all of this dye, I had beautiful hair just like hers. She didn’t believe me. I’m not sure I could blame her. That weekend, we went to the salon. I looked up at my stylist and explained that I wanted my hair to look like my daughter’s and that my natural hair color was actually blonde. The best way to accomplish the feat with previously dyed hair was to bleach highlights into it. I sat terrified, imagining this cute little Asian girl taking me back to the summer of 1999.

2 hours later, she had finished the cut and was blowing my hair dry. I was given a mirror. Wow. I was actually blonde. Not white. Not yellow but as close to my natural color as I could remember. Will brought Kylie in to see me. “You look like me, Mommy!” She exclaimed. “We match!!!” I felt amazing. Then I began to wonder, was it enough?

2 years had passed. I decided that  I needed to set a better example. In December, I stopped coloring my hair all together. In January, I cut over 9 inches off thinking the roots would be less noticeable. 4 months later, half of the length is my natural hair color. Thankfully, the dye has faded nicely and my hair is much more agreeable. I feel prettier everyday and everyday, I know she’s watching.

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