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On June 10th, the Loganator turned 5. June 10th however, is a Monday. June 10th is also the first day of Vacation Bible School. I had volunteered to teach the Imagination Station to a projected 120+ kids that day. So instead of stressing myself out, I thought better of it.

We got up and out the door early Sunday morning. There was some quick running around to do before delving into the big surprise. We were taking the kids bowling. Logan had never bowled before and was eager to try his luck. After receiving brief instructions from Daddy, he rolled the ball down the alley and knocked over 1 pin. His second throw left two pins standing. He was very proud of himself.

Kylie, as we would find out had bowled in gym class and by the 3rd frame, Hello Kitty had her first spare. She was ecstatic. Incredibly, I picked up my first spare that same frame. Will got a spare in the 4th and Hulk landed his in the 5th. We all congratulated the boy and Daddy threw him up in the air a few times.

As the game went on, Hulk became disappointed his ball wasn’t rolling as fast as the rest of ours. We paused as Will taught the kids how to “Granny.” It was a noticeable improvement. Even Kylie attempted the new technique. Then came the backwards granny. My score was so low, I thought, what the heck? As it turns out, I bowl better that way.

In the end it was Noodles (Will) with a score of 107 that won the round.

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From there, we headed to Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop. The kids were stoked. We were each given pre-packaged wooden crafts and a couple hammers. A spot was chosen at the work bench and the kids unloaded their goods. I never read the instructions but this was clearly the time to do so.  Just my luck.  it was only pictures, no written guidance at all. Thankfully, Will knew what he was doing and the kids ended up with 2 Mike and Sully dolls they could be proud of. [xt_divider]


Finally, the day had come. It was Monday. We woke up, ate a quick meal and shuffled off to VBS.  Logan and his crew played games, made crafts and sang songs all morning before arriving at my station: the oobleck. Tell me, what’s better than a tub of goo and your mom telling you “go ahead, stick your hands in it!”. Cornstarch and water is always a crowd pleaser. 

I had been planning to come home and make cupcakes but Mr. Lo threw me a curve ball and asked for a cake. If you remember correctly, I am the queen of cake fails. Not only did he ask for a cake but it was to be vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, with chocolate chip cookies and blue sprinkles. There was nothing in that line up to cover the fact that I don’t do cakes. 

Then Will reminded me that I didn’t do cupcakes at one point either and perhaps I should stop doubting myself. 3 Youtube videos later, the cake was in the oven. I let it cool for the recommended 20 minutes before attempting to remove it from the pans. I knew that to get a level cake without cutting the tops off, I needed to invert the top layer. Somehow it had never crossed my mind to invert the bottom. That little trick landed me a picture perfect cake. I even added the chocolate chip cookies and blue sprinkles without fail.

When I had finished my work, I asked the boy what he wanted for dinner.  The correct answer for Hall family birthdays is sushi but tonight, he answered “spaghetti and meatballs”. I was feeling generous and let the kids pick out their own ingredients from the store. They giggled  with their new found powers and the meal came together in no time.

Before I knew it, Will was home and the kids were telling him about how great their days were. The spaghetti and meatballs were surprisingly good considering the boy hadn’t picked our brand of sauce or meatballs. Roughly an hour later, we sat down to the cake. Somehow, I had done everything right and produced nice even layers and perfect fluffy frosting. Logan couldn’t be happier. Will told me it was my best cake to date and Sis begged me for one next year.

We gave our tummies some time to settle before heading down to the pool for a night swim. This was the kids’ first time trying out their new life jackets and their new found confidence in the water was astounding. Both kids had gone from desperately clinging to us in the water, to jumping off the sides of the pool and going under . Kylie had gotten so confident, she could doggie paddle from one end of the pool to the other. If that wasn’t cool enough, one of our friends from VBS happened to be there and a friend from Kylie’s school was there as well.

So while we didn’t end up at Legoland and I wasn’t entertaining 20 kids in the backyard, I think it went rather well. Logan’s really loving his new number. I’m just hoping he slows down a bit to enjoy it.

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    Awesome story Erwin! We love and miss you guys.

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