Feb 22
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It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last post. Why? Our computer had a mild heart attack and Will thought it was the motherboard. Yes, I have a smart phone and theoretically could have thrown something up here. Sadly, I am an idiot when it comes to my phone. I have relatively small hands and still can’t seem to manage to effectively type on the thing. Yes, I’m aware of the various dictation apps¬† but even Siri doesn’t understand me. Ironically, it was not the mother board, it was severe dust bunnies. It never occurred to me that the inside of a computer would need to be dusted.

At any rate, I am back. The last two weeks have been crazy. A very good friend of ours is moving away. As to be expected, the number of playdates and get-togethers has tripled. I am really sad to see her go but this is a good move for her and her family. I think this event in particular, has taught me to make the most of every day. Lazy days have turned into lazy moments and this a good thing.

It has also been 2 weeks since I’ve worked out. For the last 2 days, I’ve risen at 6 am to get my husband up for his work out and while he didn’t budge, I did score 60 minutes of quiet. I began to think about church again. I hadn’t been in 3 weeks. Are we seeing a trend here? On Sunday I actually went. Yes. I went to Church just in time for Lent.

I usually think of Lent as a time where people give things up to honor the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I’ve had friends give up alcohol, chocolate, going out to eat but I didn’t really understand why. How did it this miniscule and often times failed sacrifice honor Christ or God for that manner? Our pastor explained that often times we set out to make sacrifices we are just not ready to make. He went on to say that the sacrifices we make should in one way or the other bring us closer to God. His example just happened to be rising early to take a few quiet moments in prayer.

This, in my mind, was completely doable. I practically celebrate the few mornings where my son isn’t nose to nose with me at 7 a.m. asking for “sumpin to eat”.¬† Waking up at 6 a.m. would certainly be a sacrifice but I wasn’t setting myself up for failure. Perhaps with those little steps, I could re-tackle other ambitions like blogging and working out on a regular basis. With every new good habit formed, we become more perfect people and that is what brings us closer to God. Did I get that right? I’m trying. In fact, I’m still trying to make a go of those New Year’s resolutions.

We as humans fail. Life happens and sometimes, we simply lack the will to see it through. Does it make us human to simply give up? No. We shouldn’t give up. We keep trying. We keep failing. We keep learning and eventually we get better. This is my hope.

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