Aug 27
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Joanne brought us to the house and shortly thereafter, we got a phone call from Dad. As soon as she picked up, Logan demanded to know who it was. “It’s Pop Pop!” She told him. “When are you coming home?!” he yelled.

After a long flight, the kids were itching to get in the pool but they had to wait for Pop. He would be home in an hour. I began carting the bags into the basement while the kids were trying their best to play with the dog. At 13 years old, Phebes is an old lady. She had little patience for their lack of personal space nor the countless “gifts” they brought her. The cat was nowhere in sight and Netflix wasn’t working.

Finally, Pop Pop came in the door. There was a brief pause before it became absolutely clear, we had to go outside.  My kids hadn’t been to an outdoor pool in nearly 3 years. Kylie was nervous. Her feet could reach the bottom now but that wasn’t very reassuring. When she wasn’t in the raft, she clung to us and Logan did the same.

Thankfully, Joanne had run out and bought 2 life jackets and a case of bubbles. The float coats did their job well.  Neither child trusted the water enough to float by themselves but after a brief demonstration on form, Kylie was trying her best to swim. It needed some work but the lesson was over for today.

Dad and I began walking down to the deep end.  Kylie whined. She didn’t want to go that far out. I reminded her she could float but Ky wasn’t buying it. Instead, Dad handed her a basketball and I hoisted her up on my shoulders. “Take a shot.” I said. She did and missed. “Try again.” She was enjoying this. She missed several times over before sinking her first basket. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” I cheered. “That’s not what I’m talking about.” said Logan as he drifted away from the scene.

Dad was in his element. It was summer and his grand kids were learning to swim in his pool. He could not be happier and I was really glad to be there.


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