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This past weekend, the kids saw their Mimi for the first time in nearly two years. Gramps had graciously given us his car before making a permanent return to Oz so we decided to make a weekend out of it. Just prior to our departure, Logan informs us he is the star student this week.

His teacher had given him the classroom mascot- Hooty for the weekend. Hooty came with a journal and Logan was to take pictures and write a journal entry for his very first show and tell. So we packed up Hooty and the kids and made the 5 hour journey down to Sugarland.

Will insisted this time we’d be stopping at Bucee’s. For those of you not familiar with I-45. Bucees is an iconic traffic stop featuring hilarious billboard signs, a beaver and reputably clean bathrooms. On the way down however, the stop was at Texas Burger. Holy cow. Texas Burger. The place was a total dive but the burgers were to die for. It was definitely top 5 material.

By the time we made it to Mom’s, it was nearly 10:30. We stayed up another 2 hours catching up before hitting the hay.

Saturday, we took the kids to Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas. The gardens are massive; touting water park, IMAX theater, the beach, a rainforest pyramid and the aquatic pyramid where we ended up. The aquarium has several levels with plenty of tanks to keeps the little ones engaged. As you can see from the pictures, we spent most of our time with the penguins. The tanks were very clean and nearly all the animals were ready for their close ups.

We went to cook out. I love a grilled burger but grilled burgers, a summer craft brew and homefries? Out of this world. We stayed up all night talking with Mom and Jimmy.

The next morning was a bit of a push. I think everyone was feeling the night before. As promised, I showed Mom and Jimmy how to make sausage gravy. That makes me hungry just typing it. Haha. We packed up, said our good byes and drove the caddy northward.

It had crossed my mind Hooty has been in the back seat nearly this whole trip and while I could simply superimpose his likeness onto our pictures from the aquarium, I thought we could do better.

My children are fascinated with the huge statue of Sam Houston on 1 45. He’s visible for nearly 6 miles and years ago, Will told them he was made of marshmallows. I wasn’t sure how we were going to take Hoot’s picture with big Sam but Logan was the very first star student and we had to set the pace for the assignment. I pictured pulling off onto the left shoulder with my hazards on and putting the kids and the owl on the roof of the car. To do this. Will had to be sleeping. Otherwise, I’d get an earful for putting the children in harm’s way.

Fortunately he did wake up just prior to my little stunt and caught a sign for Huntsville State Park and a sign for the Sam Houston Welcome Center. We pulled off and got out of the car. There was a guest book which we signed before being told about the gift shop and a path that leads to the statue. Sweet!  

The kids were awestruck by the sheer size of him. 77 feet tall and built in 1994, the statue is the largest statue depicting an American hero in the US. We spent a good half hour taking shots with Sam Houston before grabbing some icecream and hitting the road again.

Not long after, the signs for Bucee’s began to appear. I was torn between getting home at a decent hour and my curiosity for the tourist trap. Curiosity won out but only long enough to walk around the store and press 2 more pennys. Bucees and hangovers do not mix.

We hit Texas Burger one more time before high tailing it back to Anna. It was a lovely trip and I hope to do it again soon. Thank you Mom, Rob and Jimmy!

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