Aug 27
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After months of promising my dad we’d be out this summer, life happened and it was no longer in the cards… or so I thought. Roughly 2 weeks ago, I got a call from my dad asking me to take a look at our schedule. He was going to fly us out for 1 last hurrah this summer. We settled on August 22nd through the 26th; just after Back to School Night and right before Ky’s first day.

We left our home at 4:30 that morning. Both kids were beyond excited and didn’t mind the early rise. I love driving at that hour in the morning. No one is on the road and the radio rocked it out. This was the first time I didn’t get heinously lost trying to find the remote parking at DFW airport. I knew it was going to be a good trip.

At 6:40 we began to board. When my kids had both their feet on the aircraft, the attendant greeted them and knocked on the cockpit door. “You have visitors.” He called. “You can come in” was the response. To my surprise, both kids were ushered in to meet the pilot and co-pilot. I stood just outside awkwardly fumbling for my phone. By the time I had located it, the kids were on their way out. “I was hoping to get a picture of them.” I said disheartened. “That’s not a problem.” He replied. The Pilot got up and placed Kylie in his seat. Logan sat in the Co-Pilot’s chair. Snap. Snap. “You see to it both these kids get cookies…the good ones!” The pilot ordered. I thanked the crew profusely and we settled into our seats. Sure enough, our attendant had 2 giant packages of cookies waiting.

Ky and Lo did remarkably well. Between the cookies, their tablets and the pure bliss that comes with those first few flights, they were practically angels. There was a quick transfer in Charlotte before we hit a snag. United had not bothered to seat us together. The kids didn’t seem to mind. Kylie was joyfully telling an elderly couple her life story. Logan was falling asleep. I asked the lady sitting next to me if she minded changing seats so Kylie and I could sit together. Kylie immediately piped up “Nooooo!” and the cabin erupted in laughter. It was pretty funny. At this point, there was no room in the overhead compartments so we were forced to check 45 lbs of luggage free of charge.

We arrived in Baltimore just after 1. Kylie had had trouble with the descend but thankfully, her ears had popped and she was back to her happy self. Logan had woken up but was in a much better mood. By the grace of God, the car was waiting for us just as I had retrieved the last piece of luggage from the carousel. We were on our way!


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