Jul 17
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Loving: We found H-Mart in DFW! Once upon a time, I shopped at the neighborhood H-Mart in Maryland for all of our fresh produce. $15 for 20 lbs of produce was pretty awesome. Seeing fish hanging out of their tanks and patrons bag them alive, took some getting used to but I sang their praises anyway. The new place is pristine and sells sashimi. What’s not to love?!

Reading: I picked up Love in the Time of Cholera and another Amy Tan book. I am a creature of habit. Admittedly, they are still sitting on my buffet unopened.

Watching: Our fish. Will surprised me with a 60 gallon fish last month after an generous house guest fed our smaller tank half a can of fish food. 3 fish died that day including my beloved suckerfish Larry. We now have 2 rainbow sharks (Who and Haha) and 3 cichlids (Curly, Moe and Shemp).

Anticipating: Kayaking. Before this summer ends, I will be in boat, on the river, paddling my little heart out.

Listening To: Goldfrapp, Basement Jaxx, Super Grass and The White Stripes.

Makes Me Sad: Pharmaceutical kickbacks. It’s very hard to draw the line between a good doctor and a salesman.

Makes Me Happy: I found a new fitness app and I haven’t lied to it yet. 2 days and counting. (Go me!)

Wishing: That a healthy outlook on things will finally trump the thigh gap and pro anna propaganda. I’m sick of it.

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