Jan 16
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I haven’t written in over a month so I decided to start out the new year with a Currently post to explain myself.


Loving: Anna, Texas. I had told Will I was only willing to move here if we landed the dream house. Anna is such a small town, we don’t even have a Walmart. We don’t even have McDonalds! In case you’re wondering, we are in our new home. As for the new town, what’s not to like about falcons, coyotes and a stray fox or two? Having neighbors that welcome you into the neighborhood with homemade goodies doesn’t hurt either.

Reading: The Forest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley author of the Mists of Avalon. If you liked the King Arthur stories, I highly recommend Mists of Avalon which is told from the perspective of Lady Morgan le Fay his sister.

Watching:  I’m loving Celebrity Ghost Stories on Biography. I rarely sit through anything any more but trust me, this one’s worth it.

Anticipating: A call from our old landlords telling me some one loves the old place as much as we did. Please pray.

Listening to: Kula Shaker, Dead Mau5 and The Roots. You know, work out music.

Making me sad: 1 pound of body fat = 3500 calories.

Making me happy: Working out with my husband at the gym every day. Energy is through the roof!

Wishing: For instant gratification in weight loss. There was plenty of instant gratification on my frat boy diet. Surely, it gets easier.


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