Nov 02
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Loving: Lowe’s. I have been to Lowe’s more times in the last 2 weeks than I have in my entire life. They have everything we need. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly and I don’t have to walk around the store 3 times to find whatever it I’m looking for. Sadly, I was not paid to write this.

Reading: The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Admittedly, I thought this would be the Tibetan form of Dante’s Inferno but it reads more like a biography. Their depiction of death and the afterlife is completely worth the read.

Watching: Darker than Black. This came to me as a recommendation from my brother Eric. Will’s been working around the clock so thank you Netflix for my anime fix.

Anticipating: Our move. In 2 weeks, we close on our new house… and then I host Thanksgiving. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Listening to: Peter Pan. I recently discovered Recorded Books again. I average 2.5 hours in the car every day and am grateful to have 30 minutes of that not flipping through radio stations.

Making me sad: Hurricane Sandy Survivors- why are the ones shown on the evening news always complaining? Where is the gratitude for the aid and volunteers pouring into NY and NJ?

Making me happy: I’m actually half way packed. We are also halfway through our repairs and touch ups for our current place- waaayyy ahead of schedule for me historically speaking. Oh! and my discovery of whipped cream vodka! Thank God for Whipped Cream Vodka!

Wishing: Will could just relax. I worry about him but everything’s going to work out just fine.


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