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Apr 23
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Logan and I had an impromptu adventure at Cathy’s Critter Farm today. A friend messaged me yesterday afternoon to see if I would mind looking after her son while she volunteered. Ironically, I had been looking for an excuse to get down to the farm for the better part of a month now. Of course, I was in.

I was so excited, Lo and I ended up being a full half hour early. I wasn’t sure of the protocol so we waited in our car for my friend to arrive. To the left of us, an emu was chasing a wallaby. On the right, a rooster began to crow. My son immediately rolled down the window to crow back. To Lo’s delight, the bird responded. They did this several times.

Just as the bird was tiring of the game, my friend and her son pulled up behind us. We hopped out and were introduced to Cathy’s husband Kevin. Yes, THE Cathy. This was her husband. He had been up till 3 a.m. making quiches the night before. There was an over abundance of eggs and he offered us some to take home. My friend then went about her business and the boys and I were allowed to roam freely.

The farm had pot belly pigs, goats, sheep, llamas, horses, donkeys, chickens, geese…most of which were also allowed to roam freely. They were all so friendly. In fact, one of the piglets was at the far end of his pen. I oinked at him to give the boys a better look and he came as fast as he could to say hello. They were delighted!

We spent a good part of the visit accompanied by an old dog, a large pig and a goat. The boys and I crossed the property to the chicken coop where a rooster was perched at the top of the fence. Logan quickly spotted him and began to crow. This rooster simply laughed but Logan took it in stride. 

Walking on, we came to the llamas.  At the site of them, my son insisted I quote “Llama Llama Red Pajama.”   I’m pretty sure these guys had heard it before. We made our way to the horses and finally back to the barn to give the little boy back to his mother. 

Logan and I said our good byes and got back into the car. I hadn’t made it out of the driveway before I heard “When are we coming back again?” This was a great day.

If you’d like to learn more about Cathy and her critters, check out her site:






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