Oct 01
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Today was the 13th Annual Bike and Scooter Rodeo. For weeks, it was all Kylie could talk about. “When is it going to be the Bike Rodeo?” “When is Friday?” “Are you coming?!”

Not only was she getting to ride her bike at school but the guys from BicyclesPlus would be there to perform BMX stunts and talk about bike safety. This totally outweighed the headache of waiting in 2 carpool lanes to have my daughter and her bike located and returned to us. I could only imagine how many little girls were driving Barbie Bikes with streamers.

I was very surprised this morning when the volunteer helping Kylie out of the car also offered to unload her bike for me. I was truly grateful for that. I said my goodbyes and told Ky Lo and I would be there this afternoon to watch her ride.

Over the next few hours, I would here: “Is it time to go?” “How much longer?” “I really want to go.” “Logan, the rodeo doesn’t even start for another 2 hours. Go play.” I told him.

When the time came to head out, he was more than ready to go. I grabbed threw 2 bottles of water and a bag of pretzels in my bag. We were 20 minutes early. We sat cross legged on the concrete watching the big kids wiz by.

Where was my daughter? I kept checking my phone. 1:05. They should be here. Logan was getting cranky. I surrendered the phone and my stash of pretzels.  Finally, a parade of kindergartners appeared at the far end of the track. Kylie was one of the first in line. She spotted us quickly and was very pleased we had come.

After some brief instruction, they boarded their bikes and were off. Lap after lap, we cheered Ky on, snapping photos, shooting video, letting her know we loved her and that she could do it. One mom even brought a poster to root her son on. I thought that was fairly brilliant and decided next year we would do the same.

Inside the track, they had set up small cones for the kids to weave in and out of. There was also a giant blue ramp. Thankfully, no one bothered with it. Maybe they knew better or had been given fair warning.

Then, the coaches had everyone come to a stop. They gathered in the middle of the track and sat down. They watched patiently as one coach and the team from BicyclesPlus performed wheelies, rode backwards and landed jumps. One coach, the librarian and one teacher were called to the top of the ramp and we saw 3 bikes jump over them.

The crowd was sufficiently wowed and I was glad we came. The kids returned to their bikes and were allowed to ride for 10 more minutes before they were again told to freeze and dismount.

I noticed 2 Legit 2 Quit was blaring over the sound system. The Coach turns her mic back on and tells the kids they were too legit to quit. They clearly didn’t get it but I found it hilarious. She had them line up and while they waited for the Kindergarten staff to return, she taught them the hand signs.

After watching 30 Kindergartners sign 2 Legit 2 Quit and I know we’ve picked the right school. It was a great day. Long live the Bike and Scooter Rodeo!


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