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There is a universally accepted truth that as an adult your best day ever is a major milestone. For some of you, it was the day you graduated. For others, it might be the birth of your children or your wedding. While these are absolutely some amazing memories, I am almost certain, they were not your best day ever. Surely, you had lots of little best day evers leading up to that point in time. Graduation was simply the end of all the best day evers you had in high school or college. Then hopefully, it was off to another adventure.

I think the best day ever should be impromptu. Why? Because planning is stressful and best day evers are definitely not. Sometimes,  we get too caught up in the details. Example: Today was the best day ever. I had intended to clean house all day and instead chose to check out a new park with one of my best girlfriends. She invited a new friend of hers and we hit it off immediately. The park, dubbed “The Beach” was a giant sand box with a jungle gym, slides and horseshoes. Right now, my husband and Mother in Law are freaking out. I swear (SWEAR) most sandboxes do not double as cat boxes.  Worrying is not part of the best day ever.

Moving on, across the walkway from the park were fountains for the kids to play in. Just as the kids were getting hungry, my friend pulls out 4 coupons for free ice cream cones at The Purple Cow. I hadn’t been there before either but they had purple vanilla ice cream. Who doesn’t like purple vanilla ice cream? I ordered a root beer float.  The guy behind the counter gives it to me free of charge. Then, when he came out to straighten up the tables, he starts dancing to the song on the radio. My kids, both covered in ice cream jump up from the booth and proceed to dance with him. I high-fived him on the way out. Best day ever.

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