Aug 31
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Monday was Ky’s first day of school. I surprised myself by waking up for the second alarm: 6:15 a.m.. The coffee pot began to brew as I made lunch. Sure, I could have done that the night before but I was completely exhausted. Jet lag had gotten the best of me and I found myself in bed 6 hours early.

Ky had specifically asked for a peanut butter jelly sandwich with a tropical fruit cup, apple slices, jello and juice. I decided to 1 up her and cut the sandwich into hearts. With bags packed, it was time to get Kylie up She hesitated but as soon as I reminded her about school, she sprang out of bed. Fruit loops were the icing on the cake.

Moments later, Daddy and Logan woke up. I handed one a cup of coffee and the other his Apple Jacks before pressing Ky’s outfit. 3 showers were taken before I realized we had just enough time for pictures and the commute. Sigh. I threw on an old sundress.

Will pulled the easel out of the garage and set it up. “August 27, 2012 Kindergarten.” I wrote. Kylie posed beside it. Then we went outside and she posed again. And again with Daddy and one more time with me. I protested but I’m sure I’ll appreciate that photo years from now.

The kids climbed into their seats and we were off. It never occurred to me the entire town would be personally delivering their children to school that morning. We parked in the furthest lot from campus and walked. The early morning sun was perfect. I took lots of pictures. Half way in, we were stopped by coach who corralled the kids for a new school shoes shot. We obliged her before dropping Kylie off in class. Her smile had faded. She was very nervous. “You’re going to have a great day.” I assured her. Then Mrs. Festa greeted us and Kylie finally relaxed.

We kissed our goodbyes and the three of us walked down to the cafeteria for Tissues and Treats. The first PTA meeting was brilliantly disguised as orange juice and scones but I didn’t mind. As we sat down,  the head of the PTA announced there would be a raffle. I had not showered. My first cup of coffee was cold now; untouched on the counter back home. That’s  why the volunteers skipped me over for paperwork, refills and the raffle ticket or  they were all terrible people. I did not know. Instead, I sat down and muttered a tasteful rendition of my disgust. On the positive, we won the 3rd prize- an M & M’s popcorn bucket with goodies inside.

When the meeting was adjourned, it was clear Logan was very jealous. The whole morning had been about Kylie. We had hardly taken notice of him. I began thinking of ways I could make it up to Lo but Will beat me to the punch. He told the boy we were going out to breakfast without Sissy! Just Logan, Mommy and Daddy. Logan grinned and the injustice was quickly forgotten.  It would be a hard day without his sister  but fried chicken for breakfast is awesome!

I sat in the booth sipping my coffee amazed we had just dropped our first child off to Kindergarten. That little tiny girl I gave birth to 5 years ago was now putting her kitty cat lunch box in a cubby and starting her first lessons. I didn’t cry and Will didn’t either. We knew she was ready and this was going to be a great year.


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