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2014 was a year of major changes. In August 2013, I returned to the workforce and by August 2014, I had resigned. The fact was I was a mother now and my colleagues would never take precedence over my family. To excel at what I do, work needed to be above all else. Work needed to be family. My house needed to be perfect. The children must only get sick when least expected. They must accept a life of missed opportunities and fast food. Above all else, we could never be late.

I can already sense your sympathy and outrage. Of course it could be done. Plenty of us have no trouble making these terms work but I was given the opportunity to walk away from it and I did. I could go back to being the off beat housewife you’ve come to know or I could do something completely outrageous. Between 8 and 2 p.m., I could now afford to make myself a priority. So, within days of my resignation, I enrolled for the fall semester.

There was this unshakable conviction that this was my very last chance to make something happen. I actually took those first steps. I actually showed up and I actually did the work. The result was my very first 4.0. My children have straight A’s as well. If this keeps up, 6 years from now I will be walking that stage, with honors, as a Physician’s Assistant, Dermatology. Yay!

We have also managed to make a return to home cooking. In less than 1 year, I had gained 20 pounds at the desk job. Going out to eat and the vicious cycle of sleep, desk, car made it all too easy. Between a major surge in modern crock pot meals and the Nuwave oven, we are back to that point where very few things are worth dining out. Subsequently, the weight is coming off.

I know I’ve said this before but I remain grateful for my time as a housewife because it has taught me so many things. I really do know my family. I know which substitutes to pull when I’ve run out of something. I’ve learned how to have fun when we are flat broke. 2014 taught me who and what is really worth my effort and to not let my expectations dictate my happiness. Things don’t always go according to plan but maybe, there’s a very good reason for it.

It is January 2015 and as such, I resolve to make 2015 as incredible if not more so than 2014 has been. May the same be true for you and yours.


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Hello. I'm Erin. You may know me as the not so ordinary housewife but now that both kids are in school, I've made my return to the workforce. I work long hours and despite traffic, I'm still cooking, crafting and day tripping. Thanks be to Pintrest! Enjoy the read.

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