Jul 11
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Ahh, the Summer of Suck. Truthfully, this began as a Spring of Suck but 3 months later, my optimism has worn off and we call a spade a spade. Here is a composite time line detailing what exactly went wrong:

Early April- Staph
Early May- Staph (3 rounds total)
Mid May- 2 unexpected deaths in the family. My grandmother had a stroke. I fly out to be with her and the rest of the family.
Late May- Diagnosis Mrsa. Ky is placed on an antibiotic. She cannot be in the sun and has been banned from the splash parks. Triggers like cats and dogs have been restricted.
June- Gramma’s cancer worsens. My blood issue has finally come to a head and I am forced to seek medical help.
Mid June- Gramma dies. We are too broke from the previous events to attend her funeral. Flowers were sent.
Early July- Ky finally comes off of the antibiotic and can be in the sun again. (Yes!)
Today- Haha, just kidding, she has to be back on the same antibiotic for another month and was prescribed 3 more antihistamines. Good news is that they appear to be working.

So effectively, no cookouts, no outdoor adventures, no trips and I have no idea if any of it will be resolved in time for Kylie to start school. What’s truly amazing is that my kids have no idea what’s up. Kylie just knows she can’t be out in the sun. She thinks the medicine she’s on tastes like broccoli. Logan knows we can no longer go to the park or the play place at McDonald’s. They have no concept that they missed out on Vacation Bible School and chances are slim to none that we’ll catch one of those outdoor movies that are going on in the park. They just know their mommy is sad.




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