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On December 30th I had this epiphany. Resolutions by nature are made to be broken. Effectively, we are influenced and inspired by each other every day. Every day I have a thought that I’m going to start whatever. I’m going to start working out. I’m going to start painting, learn how to sew, eat out less…

What happens is that we do whatever it is until we realize we did not have the means to do it. For example, I have acrylic paints, oil paints, canvases and brushes in my possession yet I did not think to purchase linseed oil or white spirit. We purchased P90x and did not order a heart monitor. I actually don’t own a scale and therefore cannot assess if we are fit enough to start.

Sometimes, I do manage to plan. I know exactly what to get for the store to ensure we have 2 weeks worth of food outside of milk and fresh produce. However, sometimes I’m just tired. Going out to eat is simply easier.

I did have one resolution I’ve managed to keep and that was to get off caffeine. I am currently day 6 caffeine free. No iced tea. no coffee no caffeinated sodas; my one exception being a maximum limit of 2 cups of green tea. Yes that is caffeinated but collectively it’s equal to half a cup of coffee and is supposedly better for me.

So why bother with any resolution? I’ll tell you. It is because we strive to do better and that is my resolution of 2012. I am going to start doing.


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