Nov 19
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Our papers read “Closing on or before November 15th” however, on the 13th, we received news that while all signs were pointing to yes, the house was ours; the bank needed a few more things to make that happen. Additionally, we would have to wait one week after receiving the official “go ahead”, to close and then finally move. So, my family and I are effectively camping in our rental home until further notice.

We could be moving as early as Thanksgiving but most likely, it would be the week after.  This year we had been expecting both my family and his for dinner. With everything that had come to pass, I would be cooking for just us now. It was a blessing considering we were practically broke and once again, sick as dogs.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to make the holiday work this year but the fact stood that I would. You don’t let children see you struggle. For them, these things come together wonderfully and unexpectedly. Thankfully, turkeys just happened to be the cheapest meat per pound this time of year. I bought an 18 lb turkey knowing it would easily carry us through the week. For practical reasons, our Thanksgiving we have to be on Sunday.

Sunday came and by then I was forcing myself out of bed. Outside of feeding my family and dispensing meds, I’d scarsley moved since Friday. I began by making the pumpkin pie. Then I was on to the cranberry sauce. Sadly, while the turkey had spent the last 3 days in our fridge, the damned thing wasn’t completely thawed yet.  I was shattered.

“You could pick up a chicken or even a turkey breast if you’re up for it” Will offered. Now I was pissed. Not at Will, but at our circumstances. Clearly, Thanksgiving just wasn’t meant to be this year. I didn’t answer him. We really didn’t need to be spending the money. I began pulling sheets of tin foil over the turkey. “Why don’t you take the opportunity to brine the thing? It might be thawed tomorrow but even still, it could sit until Wednesday and be just fine.” He was right. I knew he was right.

Truthfully, I’d always wanted to brine a turkey but I never had the patience to follow through. “We should go buy a ham.” I resolved. I began to split my holiday in two. Herb roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, broccoli and cranberry sauce on Wednesday. Brown sugar glazed ham with rice, succotash and brown buttered rolls for tonight. Combined, it was one hell of a party. I would even make 2 pumpkin pies. Our left overs would be amazing.

With all of that food, I could throw together some freezer meals and buy myself a few easy nights in the new place. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe we’d be just fine.

The kids were absolutely thrilled with their dinners. Despite their sickness, they ate everything. I’m sure the side of maraschino cherries and pineapple rings had something to do with it. Either way, I can easily see this being a new tradition. 2 stream lined meals and a week’s worth of gratitude for everything we have to be thankful for. With that in mind, I say to you keep it simple, sweeties! Enjoy your holidays!

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