Jun 17
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Last month, I wrote a post 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Mother’s Day with the intentions of addressing Father’s Day anytime prior to the holiday itself. As usual, life happens and the post did not. So without further adieu: 10 Universally Accepted Rules for a Happy Father’s Day.

1. Dad deserves an extra special breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. If cooking is not your thing, take the man out to a place of his choosing. If that choice conflicts with your tastes or diet, suck it up Buttercup.

2. Dad does not grill alone. Be outside with him and have a beer. This day is about him, not well wishes on Facebook.

3. Speaking of Facebook, don’t email or text Dad a Happy Father’s Day. Call the man, or better yet, go see him in person.

4. Let the kids get involved with Dad’s gift. He is their dad and it really is that much more special to him that they were involved.

5. Be sure his gifts do not revolve around cliches’ like  farting, mowing the grass and the remote. It’s comparable to gifts of panty liners, purple dish soap and clearing out space on the dvr. Please be thoughtful.

6.  “Well he’s not my Father” does not apply. If he acts the part, you thank him. 

7. If you are planning to do anything on Dad’s Day, run it by Dad first. Sometimes, the man just needs a nap.

8. If he’s napping, don’t wake him! Or rather do not wake him without a cold drink and/or food in hand.

9. There will be no nagging Dad on Dad’s Day. End of story.

10. Don’t make a fuss about the obligatory picture with Dad. Just enjoy your time with him. That’s all he wants.
Alright, Dads this is your time to chime in. Did I get it right? Comment and let your voice be heard.



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