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Last month, Will and I began slashing through our budget. We reduced our cable package. We thoughtfully planned each outing as well as our meals. Then, we did the unthinkable… we surrendered our rental furniture.

The only places to sit now were around the dining room table and upstairs. Our king sized bed had been lugged up to the den for the time being.

For weeks, it stayed like that with the children, their pets and the toys belonging to the children and their pets all finding their way into our bed.  When my husband had finally had enough. I pleaded with him to give me a weekend, just give me the weekend to find something. Anything would be better than back peddling or opening yet another line of credit at this time.

Thankfully, while browsing the local garage sale groups, I found this:


A badly stained, dusty old sofa and love seat for $60. Not bad, right? Under normal circumstances, my husband never would have agreed to look at the furniture. It was pretty dusty. (Our daughter happens to be allergic to dust.) It’s been sitting in a garage. (There could be something nesting in it.)  I however, saw it differently. The upholstery was  in tact. The cushions were firm. It was a solid piece. $60 wasn’t much of a gamble really especially considering it was coming from a smoke free home.

I handed the lady her money and we strapped the first piece to roof of the Rondo. Then, I got a little nervous. My skin was beginning to react (smoke free my foot!) and there was a suspicious hole in fabric underneath. I said nothing. We loaded the sofa into our garage before doubling back for the love seat.

At the house, we took a moment to regroup. Will had seen the hole too. That definitely needed to be checked out. Each piece needed to be vacuumed and thoroughly shampooed. Worst case scenario, they would be clean enough to slip cover.

I was making dinner when Will frantically called me into the garage. By his tone, I assumed he had found a snake or something worse hidden beneath the tacking. Thankfully, it had proved to be the opposite.  I couldn’t believe it. How could something so gnarly on the outside be so immaculately clean within? This buy was getting better and better by the moment.

Admittedly, I was half tempted to diy the upholstery shampoo but thought better of it. There were no clear cut recipes for it and I simply lacked experience. Instead. we rented a Rug Doctor. The machine was surprisingly easy to use and the majority of the stains came right up. Roughly 1 hour later, I was finished. The sofas were left to dry over night and the next morning, they looked like this:



I was impressed but Will remained unsatisfied. That afternoon, we went to Home Depot and purchased 8 replacement wooden legs. I was initially annoyed that we spent $40 on something as trivial as legs but he was right. The sofas were now perfect. Even the cat thought so.



We had paid $60 for the initial purchase of the sofa and love seat, $5 in transport, $42 for machine rental and upholstery shampoo and $40 for brand new legs for a whopping total of $147. Ironically, the rental furniture was running us a little over $200/month and we still had 30 more months to go before we actually owned it. Yikes.

We had saved nearly $6000 by sending the rentals back and cleaning up an old yard sale find. If you’re in the market for new furniture, I encourage you to check out your local yard sale listings. They can be found on facebook, craigslist and the community paper. With a little hard work and a Rug Doctor, anything is possible.



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  • Samantha July 11, 2013 Reply

    I think all of our furniture has been yard or thrift store finds. You can be surprised by what you can find sometimes!

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