Apr 18
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[xt_video type=”vimeo” clip_id=”64323778″ width=”500″ height=”281″ title=”Kylie reads Snack Time”][xt_br] In late September, I was bewildered that my kindergarten daughter had been assigned books to read every night for class. I was pretty sure I was in second grade before I had seen homework but who was I to question her teachers? Ky was used to me reading to her every night. Getting her to read to me was a real effort in and of itself.


She had the ability, yes but it wasn’t until Will and I got her a set of Bob’s Books did she her attitude towards the assignment change. The books are easy to read and they came with stickers. Who knew stickers would cause a complete 180 in my little girl?

I can say to her, “Kylie, go read 3 books to your brother.” and she happily does so. Kylie reads so often, she has taught Logan to read. There are stickers all over my house but I have two very happy young readers. Thanks Bob’s Books! Homework’s  a piece of cake.

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