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For years, we had been telling Kylie she could go to preschool when she was 3. Truthfully, she could have gone earlier if we had had the money but for Kylie, the magic number was 3. Then we moved to Texas and in Texas, the magic number is not 3. It’s 4 and that 4 came with conditions. Thankfully, Kylie is not handicap. Both of her parents are still alive and we do not live below the poverty line.

I began looking into private preschools. If she were to attend,  I would need to go back to work and make enough to cover preschool for 2 children and their after school care. The preschool alone was $20,000/year. So effectively, I would be using almost every paycheck to have someone else watch and teach my children.

This was not an option for our family. I had no prior experience with homeschooling but I knew darn well, I could figure it out. So I began researching websites for homeschooling preschoolers. There were a few sites initially like uptoten starfall and enchanted learning but for the most part, everyone seemed to agree that preschoolers didn’t need to be taught. Kylie was not having it. She wanted to learn.

So, I began reading to her. When she got a little older, she began asking questions and I did my best to answer them on her level. We used her MagnaDoodle to practice letters and numbers. My husband used M &M’s to teach the kids their colors. If they correctly named the color, they got the candy. We even did art projects and outings.

While both kids were happily learning, I never stopped looking for online resources. This post is my go-to list for preschool learning. I think of it as computer lab. No more than 1 hour a day and it’s not the end all be all of their education. If you know and love websites that are not on this list, please feel free to add them in the comments section.


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