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The Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt from The Macaroni Kid has been all over Pinterest these last few weeks. Previous Easter Egg Hunts in Texas had resulted in melted candies and sunburns. I thought it was brilliant.

I bought: 3 dz. plastic Easter Eggs, 2 15 packs of glow stick bracelets, 2 bags of individually wrapped candy and you will need 1 basket for each child participating.

The directions indicate you will need to fill the egg with candy then crack the glowstick and place inside. The larger Easter Eggs do work better, however I was late in purchasing mine and could only procure normal sized eggs. No matter how I bound the glow stick, it would not fit and candy, forget it. I had to improvise. Thankfully, the normal sized eggs fit perfectly in the glowstick bracelet. I filled the eggs with the candies and as I was hiding them, I placed a glow stick bracelet around them.

Among the hunters, was our goddaughter 18 months, my son age 3, my daughter age 4 and our cousin aged 12. I hid 6 eggs without a glow stick to make it fun for the 12 year old. She was given a flashlight to find hers. The children were allowed to find 9 eggs each. That nixed the issue of the little one getting trampled.

The younger kids took 5-10 minutes to find theirs. The older one took a little longer. It was pretty tough to find those 6 dark eggs. I’m not sure if you can really go wrong with flash lights and glow sticks on a warm spring night. This was a lot of fun and we will be doing it again next year.


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