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Alright, I told you guys about the new traditions we had set in place for Saint Patrick’s Day. It was time to take on Easter. When I think of Easter, I think of Easter Dresses, giant hams and gobs of candy. Growing up we were always with the family for holidays. My mother decked out the house out with bunnies, lambs and tulips. I took these things for granted until we moved to Texas. Now, the closest family we have is 5 hours away. Up until last year, we spent Easter alone. It was a small celebration for our little family with a very small ham, egg dying and an basket for each of child. The simplicity was much appreciated in those early years; especially when the kids were so very little.

Then my MIL and SIL came to visit last year. This was their first time on an airplane; first time away from home on a holiday. A downsized holiday wasn’t going to cut it; at least, not in my mind. Last year, we were part of a helicopter Easter Egg drop. We did go to church and I kept to the traditional with the glazed ham and 6 side dishes. It was a wonderful holiday but it wasn’t an Erin Hall kind of affair.

I decided this year would be different. For one, they would be staying twice as long. That was 2 weeks to do all the things I had meant to do with them all year. I began researching the local community calendars.  I strongly recommend you check yours at least once a month. It would blow your mind how many cheap if not free there are to do out there.

As far as Easter was concerned, there were certain things I felt were a Texas Must. As in:  you must take pictures of your children in the blue bonnets. We must go down to Ft. Worth to check out the Stockyards and of course, we are in the South so you must go to church. In 2 weeks, we did do most of these things. We also went to a picturesque county park, the indoor water park, and a story time. We played board games, baked cupcakes, did trendy hair wraps and artsy pedicures. It was a fantastic visit but Easter was still being sorted out in my mind.

What would we do for Easter? What would we eat? How could we put our own little spin on this holiday? Our church held an Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with a bake sale, a cook out and pony rides. That was a lot of fun but that was Palm Sunday not Easter.  The week passed by with no real plans for Sunday. On Saturday, I had an epiphany. After the Stockyards, we would come back to the house to do a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt. That was fairly out of the box.

I had intended to bypass the ham with Cornish game hens but just could not get it together. Then my MIL had a moment of brilliance. “I want lamb burgers!” she proclaimed. Lamb was fairly traditional fare for the holiday but I began to wonder how many would make a sandwich out of it. Burgers sounded amazing and for a turkey burger household, it was fancy enough for a holiday feast. Now for me, I do not consider potato rolls frou frou enough for lamb. Instead, we bought bakery fresh Italian Sweet Rolls. This was an awesome burger. I would totally do this again. We held on to our traditional hot potato salad and garden salad but added homemade macaroni and cheese for the kids. Banana pudding was on the menu for dessert however, the kids insisted on finishing off their Easter baskets. Truthfully, the adults in the house were completely wiped and thankful the only dessert we would be making was a frozen margarita. In hindsight, a mojito might have been better. Lamb and mint are supposedly complimentary, right?

Anyway, our holiday ended with Kylie’s annual trip to the emergency room. This time she has hives and blisters all over. She is miserable.  Lisa and Hailey fly out tomorrow and hopefully by then we will know what on earth is going on with Kylie.  How was your Easter?



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