Jul 29
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The fresh berry harvest is truly one of the best things about summers here in Texas. I get ridiculously excited about bing cherries in particular. My family however, does not share my enthusiasm. Half the bag of cherries was ready to turn when instead, I chose to sort them again, washing and pitting the good ones. They were popped into the freezer and remained nearly forgotten about until my husband began asking about dessert.

The first thing that came to mind was cobbler. The problem with cobbler is that there seems to be two real world schools of thought as to what cobbler actually is. I believe cobbler is effectively a bottomless berry pie. I simply roll a decorative pie crust over top of a dish of pie filling, bake the sucker and it’s cobbler. Others believe it’s more of a biscuit or cake-like topping. Will believes it’s like pie crust, but not and sadly no one has created any such recipe.  It’s enough to drive you mad.

For the sake of compromise, I suggested a crisp. He accepted and I began preparing the dish only to realize I didn’t have as many cherries as I previously thought. I did however have blueberries and thus it became a Cherry Berry Crisp. Here is my recipe:




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