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Jul 28

Will: I’m a little disappointed in the Australian volleyball team. Me: Why’s that? Will: They’re wearing pants.

Jul 25

Last night on Freaks and Creeps on Nat Geo, Lucy Cooke and her team tranquilize a Proboscis Monkey to learn more about its rather large nose. Then, this happened: Me: Hey, hey guys. There were these strange people in the woods last night. They shot me with a dart, measured my balls and put this […]

Jul 04

Will: You two need to settle down. Mommy’s in a bad mood. She doesn’t feel well. If you don’t settle down, she will bite your head off. She will literally put her mouth over your giant head and bite it off. Now go eat your tiny bowls of cereal.

Jul 03

Will: You have the weirdest idiosyncrasies of anyone I know… No thank you oxygen mask, I can NOT breathe all on my own.

Jun 24

Will: I’m glad your jewelry box is lit. I wouldn’t want the things inside to get scared. *Pause* Will: Do you think they tell ghost stories?

May 08

Will: I swear Tim Burton is the father of Nicholas Cage.

Mar 14

Me: It’s pi day, So what kind of pie would you like ? Will:  Yum, Banana cream pi. Will:  Are you gonna do it with whip or meringue? Banana meringue pie v.  banana cream pie? Me:  If I can make meringue in the food processor, yes but I think you almost have to have beaters […]

Mar 12

Me: Ooh! If we do get the bunk beds, we should do a camping theme. Like plaid bedding, a play tent and we can even do a mural of the woods. Will: Yeah, with a big ass creepy owl because there’s always a big ass creepy owl in the woods. Me: No no, wild turkeys […]

Mar 12

Me: We should get a bunny! Will: What? Why? There are bunnies in our backyard. Me: Yeah, that’s a great idea. “Kylie go play with the wild hares.” Will: I don’t think they’re wild. When I’m out there smoking, they come right up to me. *Thump* *Thump* *Thump* What do you you want. *Thump* Go […]

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