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Jul 23

We’re sitting around the table devouring a bucket of extra crispy KFC with sides. Mashed potatoes with gravy, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw…it had been too long. Me: KFC should sell waffles. Will: From the folks who brought you KFC/Taco Bell meet KFC Waffle House. Me: I would never leave.

May 21

While walking the dog this morning, Logan and I crossed paths with this snake. Logan screamed and instinctively grabbed Oakley; pulling her way from danger. When I could move again, I snapped this picture for identification. Will: That is a Texas Garter Snake…actually quite rare to see. Me: Is it poisonous? Will: Not at all […]

May 14

Me: What’s with all these extra whiskers? That’s not lady like… Should we get you a wax? Will: *Coddling the dog* You’re just jealous! You wish you had eyelashes like that! Will to the Dog: You just flutter those cheek lashes and you can get anything you want Sweetheart.[xt_divider] With Oakley in his lap, Will […]

Apr 17

Will is sitting in the recliner watching the news when Widget hops in his lap. Will: Hi! Why…Why are you wet? Widget circles his lap trying to get comfy. Will: Why are you wet? She sits down. Will: Answer the question. Purr. Will: Your face is all wet. You’ve been drinking out of the toilet […]

Dec 05

Will: It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad if you don’t look at it. I tried to tell you all that but nooo ’cause we want things to hurt as much as possible by looking at them.  

Oct 31

Me: I hope you can feel my eyes rolling at you. Will: I hope your eyes roll out of your head. Me: They won’t grant divorces based on eyes rolling out of heads. Will: Sure they do. I’ll say to them “Do you see how sassy she is?! Her eyes just rolled out of her […]

Aug 30

Kylie: Daddy! We have two Chinese kids in our class. Will: Asians, Honey. How do you know they are Chinese? Kylie: Well, they looked Chinese. Will: You don’t make that assumption. You look like a hippopotamus. I don’t call you a hippopotamus.  

Aug 18

  Will: You’re going into the lava. *Pushes Ky off the bed* Kylie: I’m falling into lava!!! Will: It will be ok. *Continues to push*

Aug 15

My husband in response to the recent California Wildfires: Kind of make you wonder, when they settled in California, was it on fire? ‘Cuz there was no one there to put out the fires. “This place is beautiful. Ignore the fires.”

Aug 05

It’s been 5 years since he last bought himself a pair of sneakers. Will: They make my feet look so tiny and cute! Quick! Action shot!

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