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Apr 18
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[xt_video type=”vimeo” clip_id=”64323778″ width=”500″ height=”281″ title=”Kylie reads Snack Time”][xt_br] In late September, I was bewildered that my kindergarten daughter had been assigned books to read every night for class. I was pretty sure I was in second grade before I had seen homework but who was I to question her teachers? Ky was used to […]

Oct 03
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Will and I had gotten to that point in our lives when we needed to meal plan. I can’t tell you how much money I blew buying things we might need or the time it cost us to run out for the things I had forgotten. If that wasn’t bad enough, too often I actually […]

Sep 16
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We’ve been going to the Allen Public Library for an entire year now and I just discovered they have music cds for kids. Ridiculous, right? Outside of a few Baby Einstein albums and the occasional Raffi reference, we rarely listened to kid music. I probably would never had considered it until I caught my 5 […]

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