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Apr 08
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The Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt from The Macaroni Kid has been all over Pinterest these last few weeks. Previous Easter Egg Hunts in Texas had resulted in melted candies and sunburns. I thought it was brilliant. I bought: 3 dz. plastic Easter Eggs, 2 15 packs of glow stick bracelets, 2 bags […]

Mar 10
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I was taking a bubble bath and when I emerged from the tub, I hear “Wow! You came up just like a whale.” Then Kylie shares with me the picture she had taken with my cell phone. Mortified, I confiscated the cell phone and deleted the picture. While I could appreciate the hilarity of my […]

Mar 05
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Prior to 2009, I hardly gave any thought to what we used to clean our home. I had effectively narrowed it down to Windex, Lysol, Bleach and Pledge and I was happy. My house not only smelled clean but it was clean. In fact, if any of these companies were to create air fresheners of […]

Jan 30
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I created this list on Friday, July 30th, 2011 after reading an article similar to the one found here . In the exercise I completed, I had 15 minutes to create a list of 100 things to do before I die. I actually followed the directions and this was what I came up with. 15 […]

Jan 12
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Before kids, I really admired the idea of those who volunteered. Then I had kids and the idea seemed completely foreign. How on earth was I supposed to be a good mommy, do the housewife thingĀ  and have the energy or desire to do anything else? I did not know. Then I tried to get […]

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